40 min appointment:       £45                            (first appt lasts up to 50 minutes, the follow-up is 40 minutes)

70 min appointment:       £75                             (first appt lasts up to 80 minutes, the follow-up is 70 minutes)


 SHIATSU  50 minutes appointment:                      £45



If you pay for a set of 3 treatments on the day of your first one, you receive £15 off (standard appt) or £20 (longer appt)*

Student discount: £5 off  standard appointment, £10 off  longer appointment (full time undergraduate students); extra £10 off for a set of 3 appointments*


*The 3 treatments must be taken within 1 month. For patients with acute conditions, who need to be seen more or less weekly, I will discuss with you how many treatments you might need and what intervals would be appropriate. If you wish to use the set of 3 offer anyway to give yourself a treat, please feel free to do so.



If you need to cancel an appointment with me, please give 24 hours’ notice so I can offer your appointment to someone else. Missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.