I am opening my practice from the 26th of April. Please feel free to make bookings.

A warm welcome to Structural Massage Edinburgh.

As a skilled physical therapist, I bring together a combination of styles and techniques to address your body’s individual needs.

I look for the reasons behind your symptoms, treating your body as a whole. I place particular emphasis on releasing postural restrictions, helping your body to recover from injuries and chronic conditions. I also consider the connected relationship between your bones, muscles, fascia (a type of soft connective tissue) and natural life energy.

I have just finished 5 years course to become an osteopath (I am before graduation) at London School of Osteopathy with Anglia Ruskin University.  I will be allowed to practice as an osteopath once I get my registration, as it is a legal title. This learning greatly influences my work and style.

I have been practicing in Scotland since 2008. Please scroll down the page to get more information about me.

I am Maciek Leszczak, Mattie for short, a manual body therapist and massage therapist. Originally from Poland, I now live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been practicing since 2005 and continue to develop and add to my skills through advanced courses and study.  I graduated as a shiatsu practitioner in August 2012 after three years of study at the Shiatsu School in Edinburgh. This new qualification further complements my other ongoing work. I added Myofascial Release to my list of client treatments in 2010.

Additional experience and expertise:

I have been running an integrated soft tissue workshop at The Shiatsu School Edinburgh in 2012-2015, where I also helped out.

I was one of the sports massage team for the 2013 Tough Mudder Race in Edinburgh.

Here are details of my skill development and successes so far:


  • Advanced Course For Osteopathic Manipulations HVT 8 hours; London

Massud Wasel MD DO ND PGCAP, BSC(Hons)



  • Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation HVT – OMT Training, 32 hours CPD course

Edinburgh; www.omttraining.co.uk



  • Spinofascial Advanced Fascial Articulatory Techniques
    Maggie Brooks-Carter workshop; Edinburgh
  • Central Channel Shiatsu Shin-tai  – Liz Arundel course; Edinburgh


  • Shiatsu Practitioner, Shiatsu School Edinburgh – 3 years diploma course
  • Craniofascial and Sacrofascial : Advanced Fascial Articulatory Techniques
    Maggie Brooks-Carter workshop; Edinburgh
  • MET ( muscle energy techniques ) in management of spinal, respiratory and pelvic dysfunction, Leon Chiatow workshop; London
    Structural Alignment Shiatsu Shin-Tai  – Liz Arundel course; Edinburgh
    Positional Release – Leon Chiatow workshop; London
  • Myofascial Release UK and Ireland –Spine and Sacrum top up workshop
  • The Shiatsu School Edinburgh – Sotai Therapy- course


  • Integrated Neuromuscular Management of Myofascial Pain – Leon Chiatow workshop; London
  • Spinal Alignment – Graham Blakley workshop; Edinburgh
  • First Aid Certificate – Emergency First Aid Course – Edinburgh
  • Foundation of Thai Massage – course – Lucy Trend; Edinburgh
  • Myofascial Release UK and Ireland – Advanced Level top up workshop
  • Myofascial Release UK and Ireland – Therapist’s Supervision
  • Myofascial Release UK and Ireland – Advanced level and Unwinding


  • Myofascial Release Uk and Ireland – Diploma : Integrated Myofascial Therapist
  • ITEC – Anatomy, Physiology and Patology – Level 3 – Diploma; London
  • Functional Osteopathy and Body Integration – 90 hours training; Germany/Poland –http://www.funktionelle-integration.de/
  • Glasgow School of Shiatsu – Diploma : Seated Shiatsu Treatment


  • Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho – 1st and 2nd degree


  • Sports Massage with elements of biological regeneration – Diploma course; Poland

2006 – 2007

  • Annual Traineeship in the occupation of a Massage Therapist – Diploma; Poland


  • Advanced level of massage : lymph drainage, medical segment massage, traditional shiatsu ; Diploma; Poland
  • First degree course in massage: swedish massage, sport massage, relaxation massage, slimming massage ; Diploma; Poland

2004 – 2007

Baltic Institute of Psychology – College; Poland

  • Psychology Training course – 3 years

additionally –  Diploma: Masseur (2004)

2001 Gdansk University of Technologies, Poland


  • Master University Degree – “Master of Science – Engineer”


Additionally –

Department of Management and Economy

  • Graduated from two-semester post-graduate studies in the scope of “Training in Company Management in the Conditions of Uniform European Market”